Mythic Summer Hotel

Information on the safe operation of our hotel

Dear guest,

The new requirements that are being formulated internationally due to the Pandemic of COVID19, in the Tourism Industry, are radically different from the ones known until today. The safety of our visitors from the moment they pass the door of Mythic summer Hotel, has now acquired new approach both in terms of management and responsibility.

We are constantly following the global trends and we were one of the first hotels chain in Greece to implement a new health model (template) in our hotel. The certification of our hotel by the internationally recognized & certified company Swiss Approval is the tangible and innovative answer to the major issue that has arisen regarding the safety in tourism of the post-Covid era.

This is the first certification, which confirms that Mythic summer Hotel has taken all the precautionary measures to minimize the possibility of spreading a contagious disease and to manage effective possible health incidents.

The management of Mythic summer Hotel has allocated sufficient human and financial resources to ensure that the health model is fully implemented and consistent. Our staff is trained to offer you, in addition to the well-known hospitable atmosphere, a series of protection measures that will protect you and your loved ones.

Our goal is not to alienate the experience of your stay but to go one step further in the relationship of trust and appreciation that we have built over the years. An appreciation that for us becomes even more important since, in addition to satisfying you with our services, we must take care of your safety.

We have implemented a series of measures that we would appreciate if you could read and reminding you that we are constantly in your side to respond any questions and concerns you may have.

• The health model asks us to record the specific features you may have about allergens, underlying & chronic diseases as well as your current state of health in order to be able to deal with anything that arises inside our premises with confidence. Of course, sensitive information’s are well sealed with transparent procedures and away from prying eyes.
• The gathering of people in the public areas, Bars & Restaurants will take place maintaining the necessary distances. We respect safety distances and try to avoid crowding
• Pay special attention and try to protect our older friends. Our sensitivity for them is twofold since we will always be close in everything they might need.
• We carefully touch all surfaces and disinfect after contact with handles, doors, handrails, living rooms, etc. and of course we do not forget that we avoid touching each other.
• We follow useful practices for our hygiene, and we take care not to touch our face without having disinfected our hands. You will find that in several places of the hotel there are disinfectant gel stations where you can use. The face mask is optional, but we strongly recommend that you use it when moving in public areas.
• The use of bars & restaurants is allowed with some minor changes. We cannot sit at the same table with our friends but only with those who live in the same room and not more than 6 people per table. Our staff will help you at breakfast & dinner to enjoy your favorite delicacies with greater safety as they will assist you to serve anything you might need from our buffet.
• Extension of check-out and check-in (between stays) - (check out until 11.00 am and check in from 3.00 pm). This change in the duration between check in and check out is mandatory to ensure that between different customers the room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, as well as that adequate natural ventilation of the room is followed. The check in in groups can be done outdoors after consultation with the customer / group leader.
• Unfortunately, your friends outside the hotel cannot visit your rooms but only meet them in the common areas of the hotel, always following the safety regulations and keeping the needed distances.
Our maids are available & willing to serve you in everything you may need with special equipment and material, disinfect your room in case something falls to your attention, change your towels or anything else.
• The health model requires room cleaning only at the request of the customer and not
• If an urgent health situation comes, don't be afraid, we are ready to deal with it . This is also the feature that sets the Swiss Approval B&W model apart from everything else in the market! daily

Our smiles may not look like they used to, but we assure you that behind the face masks we will wear, we will continue to do what we love most ... to make you smile!

Thank you for trusting our hotel!
From Management